Changing Host Name After Installation

I have been running Parrot Studio 4.1 for a week now. I have installed it on several laptops and it is working flawlessly. I did notice that, during installation, there was no way to specify a specific host (computer) name. So, when installation has completed and the system rebooted, the default host name is “parrot.”

Since I wanted to install Parrot Studio on more than one laptop, I knew I had to change the host (computer) name. Changing the host name is not difficult, just requires to edit two files, /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname. I have written the instructions for changing host name. They are available at my blog, at Please feel free to check it out.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Parrot Studio, Version 4.1, 64-bit

Debian-standard install.
No multiboot.

Thats a basic for ALL linux not only parrot but i have a question why do you say you need to change the hostname for multi install?? you know your router dont use the hostname for detect your device, it use the mac address and then give it an IP, the ip will be different if the mac is different there is nohostname in the game so you can have 254 laptop with the same hostname thats not a problem or maybe i misunderstood what you say…

You could add to your article how to change the static hostname name with hostnamectl.

I know that the router sees MAC address, not host name, but when I look at my network through network connections via the desktop, I want to know exactly which device is connected. In addition, it’s just me, I do like each device to have its own device name. Thx.

Thx. I did add that option yesterday evening. Old habits die hard. :slight_smile:

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