Changing plymouth boot animation

Hey y’all,

Not sure if this belongs in support, as it’s more a “for fun” thing, but I’ve pretty much hit a wall and figure I might as well post here.

I’m running Parrot 5.0 on a live usb (with encrypted persistence). Kernel 5.14.0-9parrot1-amd64. KDE plasma 5.20.5 if that matters.

What I’ve been trying to do is change the plymouth boot animation (bootsplash?) to something of my own. I have been very unsuccessful. What it breaks down to, is after setting the new theme

plymouth-set-default-theme <my-theme>

i have to run


(this can be done pretty easily with plymouth-set-default-theme <my-theme> -R according to the plymouth manual.)
Only issue is that update-initramfs (or the live version live-update-initramfs) does not work.

No matter what I try I am met with

I: update-initramfs is disabled (live system is running on read-only media).

So that’s not fun. I’m getting to the point where I am unsure if it’s even possible to do. I poked around a lot, and frankly don’t remember most of it.

I’m around 80% sure that if I was able to properly unpack the filesystem.squashfs and chroot into it to update the initramfs without the file being on a live system (and then replace the old filesystem.sq with the new, cooler one i just made) it would work. That… is it’s own issue that I’m not even sure how to describe fully. It appears the directories don’t copy correctly. Also i can’t use unsquashfs on it.

Read on filesystem failed because Is a directory
Read on filesystem failed because Is a directory
Cant find a SQUASHFS superblock on /usr/lib/live/mount/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs

(yes it says it twice)

I ended up getting a second bootable drive to see if I could mess with mounting and unmounting, but I’ve had no results with it.

If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated! Because I would love to make the little parrot into this cute gif I made.

~Catra <3

Live system is read only system.If you want to change, you have to install and change it.

Sorry for the late reply!
Is there no work around?

For example, if I were to dual install onto windows, and update the plymouth boot + img, would i be able to flash a thumbdrive with that version?

If this would work, I assume i couldn’t use a vm for it?

Alternately, could I boot live into one thumbdrive, and then update the initramfs on the other drive? Since it wouldn’t be an active live system…?