Civilization V crash

Hi, i’ve a problem with Civilization 5. After 15 minutes of gamimg civilization crash. I’ve one 11700, 16 gb ram, 650 watt psu. For cooling my CPU i have the kraken x73. I haven’t fan near vrm on motherboard but only on top (there is the radiator of aio) and on front. This can cause a collapse of temperature and for this the OS terminate Civilization or is Parrot OS that close Civilization for another motivation? I use parrot os as principal OS.

Hi Matteo,

I’m not a gamer, but I recently setup Battlefield 2 (and a lot of mods for it) for a friend using VMware Player and a Windows 7 guest OS.

If you know Linux, you can go through various logs to pinpoint what is making it crash. It could be Civilization V is too old to run on newer Linux kernels.

I’d also checkout Civ V community groups to ask questions as the issue you are having is running a 3rd party program on Parrot (Linux). Most of the focus here is about Parrot OS and Parrot OS programs.

Wish I could help more.

Understood, thank you

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