Cloud storage and Parrot OS?

(Matt) #1

Briefly describe your issue below:
You know how Windows 10 has OneDrive preinstalled and once you sign in you have a folder in the directory for onedrive that you can just drag and drop items to that folder which automatically gets uploaded to the cloud?

Are there any cloud providers that are friendly with linux to work in similar fashion once installed properly?

If so who do you personally reccomend?

Thank you for your time.

just want some suggestions.


I’ve used Tresorit before. You can also develop your own solutions as well. Personally I would avoid using cloud for any kind of sensitive storage, but options are available.

(vojmar) #3

I would recommend rclone. I use this tool for a while and i had not a single problem. Extremely easy to use, supports google drive onedrive or whatever u use. You can mount your cloud storage to a folder.


since I run my own web servers, I have been using Own Cloud for the last 4 or 5 years, it works pretty well and open source.

I do also use for 1 of my laptops…again, works well for sync and it is rated pretty well for security.