Collection of DNS issue

By now there are many users have problem with networking (DNS) problem. It was fixed by add DNS address in /etc/resolv.conf. We are trying to fix the issue and provide a method in new AnonSurf software to help user fix it in future. So we need you help us by show your DNS problem here so we can understand what is happening.
P/s: If there is any screenshot about /etc/resolv.conf before the fix, it will be extremely helpful
P/s2: Sorry if i didn’t explain myself well and i made some mistake. We are collecting the problem about DNS which leads to Can not resolv address and users are unable to connect internet. Any other internet problem will not be covered in here.


@dmknght Will this fix be released via an APT upgrade or should it be included in a 4.8.1 ISO reissue as well?

Well i can’t sure about it but i’m sure i’ll do my best for this. I’m sure i’ll force Palinuro for release too :smiley:
We have to fully understand the problem of DNS if it happens on refresh install.
For AnonSurf problem (turn system off before AnonSurf off) well we’ve made some cool changes to fix it and support some new options. There is only 1 small problem: Debian changed packaging standard so we have to test it carefully

BTW there is our current developing status
Screenshot at 2020-04-03 17-44-05

Don’t know if this would be helpful ,but still here’s mine
Screenshot at 2020-04-03 11-26-22 resolv.conf(renamed).log (398 Bytes)

Please show us the information by cat /etc/resolv.conf or open in any editor.
P/s: do you have any problem with DNS? If yes, please explain it so we can understand our mistake.

Screenshot at 2020-04-03 11-34-14

I Never-ever had any DNS issues

thats why i shared my resolv.conf file+screenshot

Thank you. Your DNS addresses are from DHCP server and it included IPv6. So as i think, DHCP address is fine for you. Do you have fresh 4.8 install or you have older installation and upgrade it?

i’m running Parrot OS Live+Persistence v4.8

Thank you! So it likely our iso is not having the problem. I’ll need disk installation to proof it (ofc it isn’t 100% accurate. Problem might happen randomly). So by now the issue is anonsurf stop problem.

Thank you again! That was a big help for us!

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