Compatibility error with a Wi-Fi driver?

How about Parrot community? I make this helpful post, since as you will understand I am not an expert in Linux and in these matters, this is why I have dared to expose my situation here.

What happens, apparently as I understand it, is that there is a compatibility error with a Wi-Fi driver, am I correct? in that case…

What should I do?

Thank you very much in advance !

Below the required information. I attach console data through the “Ghostbin” platform:

  • Parrot version in use:

VERSION= “5.0 (LTS)”

  • Kernel version:


  • Logs/Terminal output:

Ghostbin: Ghostbin

Read other recent/latest topics, there’s already been many topics just on this.
“The issue has already been addressed and will be resolved but takes time, so please wait until the fix is updated.”

And as I saw your ghostbin, about the commands, use sudo parrot-upgrade for updating and check Parrot Software Management - Parrot Documentation

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Thank you very much for your prompt response !

I’m sorry for my solipsism… I’ve only focused on writing my question and I have not cautiously reviewed the forum…

Now, could I answer 2 more queries, but it is a lot of trouble?

I commented on my situation:

A few weeks ago I got a wifi adapter that I bought in China, and supposedly inside has a RALINK 8187L chipset, which I am doubting it extremely, why? Because no distribution is recognized, and in Windows, I have managed to make it walk, but if or if using the drivers that come on a CD that has brought.

Then, in this context I wonder:

How could I pass the Linux drivers it brings on the CD and install them on a Linux system, or in this case in ‘Parrot’?

PS: I am currently using ‘Parrot’ virtualized using ‘VirtualBox’

Thank you very much in advance !



Most probably it’s made for windows and you can’t install that driver for linux/debian (as parrot is based on debian)
Instead just google that model name and you’ll get lots of relevant results.

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Hello. Usually the Ralinks with USB interface work out of the box, but maybe you mean Realtek, in any case you just need to download the driver from internet and install it; it is not difficult to find it, surely it will also be there for GNU/Linux.

But, if you can read the contents of that CD you could take them and copy it to a folder, then you move it into Parrot on VirtualBox and install it. To transfer something from Host (for example your main OS) to Guest (Parrot in this case) and vice versa, I think you need to install some VirtualBox extension, on the web you will find the answer to this question.

EDIT: Remember that the virtualized Parrot instance must have access to the USB port in which you have inserted your Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, read some VirtualBox documentation. Have fun.

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Thank you very much for your answer Danterolle!

Perhaps what I have wanted to express has not been understood very well; In a C-D I have the installation drivers for LINUX, what I don’t know very well is HOW these drivers are installed…
Apparently the device has a RALINK 2870 chipset or something like that, I don’t know the truth… I have acquired it to perform Wireless pentesting.

Anyway, if not a lot of annoyance, below I will give you the files for linux that come in the C-D and if you are able, could you tell me how to install ‘that’ in Parrot?


"Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform"

Thank you very much in advance !



Ok, so it’s a Ralink, good. I assume that the driver source code is in that shared file, so in order to install it you would have to compile/build it, and without instructions there (unless there is a makefile) I see it a bit difficult. A solution could be to install a package that contains drivers for several Ralink adapters, including your model: sudo apt update & sudo apt install firmware-ralink

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