Computer compatability

Multiple times: Dell Optiplex 7040 unsuccessfully installed Parrot OS. Is this specific brand able to run this OS?

What kind of error are you getting?

Are you installing for MBR or using UEFI? If UEFI, does the boot partition have enough free space for the initramfs file and at least one kernel?

Is your drive setup as GPT?

What kind of partition setup do you have?

Parrot should be able to run on any x64 processor with at least 2 GB RAM.

I have a Dell Optiplex 7010 using GPT UEFI and have been making room the past few days to create partitions for Parrot 4.10 security. Normally I run Parrot in VMware.

hey @jwatt how did you go about installing the iso image? what did you use to burn the image to a usb? or external hard drive?