Concerns and Questions

How can i be sure that you are not stealing my data ?

How you make money ?
Why you do it ?

I do not believe in selflessness.
You have to live for something.

It boils down to trust. This topic has already been addressed please search before you post.

we don’t, we are 100% donation funded.

Many reasons, motivation is a tough nut to crack and not a simple question or answer. Most of us have a desire to build something better than what was out there before. Some just need a project to work on to develop their skills. Some enjoy the teamwork. Others find it rewarding to give something back to an online community even if it’s not the same one which gave them the knowledge they have today. And lastly some for the sense of purpose it gives which can be more intoxicating than any religion.


well , OpenSource libre Project ,
So There is no Question For Income…
Project work in selflessness ,
0% Profit in OpenSource

For Other Question
palinuro will describe all in detail

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How many of these grants do you receive?
Why aren’t you transparent?

Most of the big businesses started with this.
Beautiful idea of helping, etc., etc. Google, Facebook …

But money is tempting.

Why should I trust you if i can’t even trust my own pocket?

We don’t receive grants.

Describe Transparent? And what makes you think we aren’t?

We’re not a business.

Don’t. The choice is yours.

I believe that donations should be visible

Really ? u say?

Parrot provides different technologies so that users shouldn’t have to trust anyone, including us, with data you rightfully want to keep private.

I take it on the donation front you are concerned we might have had donations from FAPSI, MSS or the NSA ect?

Is there anything you are directly concerned about that maybe we could answer or provide advice?

You can of course configure Parrot however you please, making it more or even less secure.

@s1udge I know what @theodor means by transparent even if I disagree with him he means this.

Transparency can mean many things to many people and it is best to clarify what they are asking for. You can’t know and neither can I what he means, so long as he desires to keep it vague. We’ve elected not to use the model you linked though it might occur in the future (why? We don’t have the staff nor the finances for our current workload, much less extra work which isn’t a priority).

Our code is transparent and frankly we think that matters more.

Alright folks. Its info santa here bringing you a nice big bag of gifts!
To counter the allegation of refusing or simply just not being transparent with donations or funding: Donate to our patreon where we receive all of our funding. I donate. Why? Because i believe in making sure that there’s a place someone can go and learn. I donate because there is a community here that has become my family. I donate to see pictures of my friends dinners on telegram and look at interesting things that people that aren’t around me see and like to share. I have found a home here at parrot project and thats not even talking about the tools and packages that we support and i have not even talked about what brought me to parrot which is that we help so many people across the glibe combat and bypass censorship by their governments. I believe in freedom parrot to me is freedom and thats why i donate to, adore, volunteer almost 80% of my time to and yes absolutely love.


Only one way to find out for sure. Install it on a usb or dvd. Dig through it. Watch your internet connections. Watch your running processes. Tear it apart until you break it. Try it again. The problems you are worrying about are not here, they are out there. I spent 10 years tearing down windows xp, vista, 7. Them, you should worry about. Also google, facebook, and any third party program you use with windows. Use linux, block, and don’t use google and facebook, or any other untrustworthy program. You’ll be better off here.


You are absolutely spot-on with regards to the MS progs, I was involved in the early MS netdev teams and beta programs as well as the partner programs since the days of win 3.0 (actually early Dos) and through all those that followed…and they have progressed to become far more invasive and intrusive over the years as most in this group know all to well.

Over the years, I have run and or been admin to multiple BBS servers, web servers, and host of other systems and OS… I am here using and learning Parrot because I believe it to be the “next best thing” in the effort to provide the best tools for privacy and reliability. I will be the first to say that I still have much to learn, but I also believe the day you stop learning is the day after you die.


Thats q great quote at the end. Honestly we are doing things that are so complex like our CDN that when comparing distros you wont find that anywhere. Not Arch definitely not kali and we all know how we rate Winblows on this list. If anyone has any questions like this or even just to shoot the shit, send me a message sometime. Im always happy to have a conversation with a fellow parroter

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why do you say we are not transparent? our income is publicly available on

no one does it for free. i personally do it because working for parrot gave me the greatest satisfaction of my life, a d a lot of fame in the cyber security world. it also offered me a lot of job opportunities and i learned a lot of things without paying for very expensive courses

no one does it for free, but it does not mean that our income implies stealing your data, especially if we release all our source code, publicly talk about our infrastructure and workflows and do our best to offer privacy-respecting services to our community

we protect the privacy of our users because we use our own services and work hard to protect our privacy

wow we should make something similar for the spare donations received outside patreon.

i don’t know the implications of something similar for our donators privacy but we could easily anonymize donations from people requesting it

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Yeah It’s something I’ve been researching, problem atm is just time and legal stuff, I opened an issue on nest about it, so we don’t forget.

Its called transparent account and it is provided by bank for example. And the way it works is that it is bank who is pointing out transactons not you.

then i have to talk to my bank.

we don’t have a true bank account at the moment, but just a visa card with an IBAN code associated to it, but to upgrade it to a true bank account is already on our todo list.

we are also creating a new non-profit organization that is going to act like an incubator for the parrot project.

I feel like this guy might have the wrong parrot. Are there by chance any apps named parrot. He just definitely doesn’t seem to really understand how open source OS development works at all.