Consider switching default browser to something more private

Currently, Firefox is the default browser in ParrotOS. Firefox has terrible defaults that the average Home user may not know that they need to turn off. These include: Google as the default search engine, Pocket enabled, Mozilla experiments [0], and telemetry.
Librewolf ( and SecBrowser ( are two forks of Firefox. Librewolf has saner defaults such as completely removing Pocket (the server side of which is proprietary [1]) and setting the search engine to DuckDuckGo by default. Librewolf also tracks the latest Firefox releases so it has all the features the latest Firefox would (except for Pocket). SecBrowser is a Whonix-maintained Firefox fork that is hardened against fingerprinting.
Alternatively, consider a secure Chromium alternative such as Ungoogled Chromium (which removes all Google telemetry), since Firefox and associated forks are behind in security (specifically sandboxing) compared to Chromium and Chromium forks [2].