hola tengo un problema me e instalado el Parrot Security Edition pero el de maquina virtual y el problema es que no se cual es la contraseña

Hi, I’m sorry but you have to write in English, otherwise we can’t understand you.

I know some Spanish, here is my translation:

Hello, I have a problem: I have installed Parrot Security Edition but as a virtual machine and the problem is that I don’t know what the password is.

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La contraseña esta ‘toor’. Mira al archivo PASSWORD.txt en el escritorio. Cambia con “passwd” por terminal.

Welcome to Parrot Security User Community, @elonsatoshi :parrot:

Try using the same password as you set during the installation , or share a screenshot with us .

Thank you for the warm welcome, Farial_Mahmod!

Fortunately, I have already figured out the password to my virtual machine installation, it is ‘toor’. I was merely translating the original poster’s post to English. I also responded to them in Spanish, letting them know that the password for their virtual machine is most likely the same as mine by default.

I understand one of the mods asked the original poster to please use English. I hope I have not broken any serious rules by helping the original poster in Spanish. If this is a problem, I will restrain myself to use only English on this forum.

Glad you solved your problem, in any case it is necessary that you use the English language, always. It is our only way to communicate with everyone.