Convenience buttons?

I have a reasonably fresh install of 4.7 with very little in the way customisation (as yet).
While the Application menu is handy and can be customised, is it possible to add another drop down (for example somewhere in between Applications Places System Firefox icon, command prompt icon and pluma icon) to enable a drop down menu of just what I use most?
Apologies if this is already covered in a post or that I have not R(all)TFM yet.

You could use the Drawer widget and then you must add an Application Launcher. Would look like that:

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OK, I have been searching, forums, Google and my computer - but now given in ! Please tell me, how to find, install or obtain Drawer widget

  1. Right click on the mate panel
  2. click on add to panel...
  3. Search for Drawer
  4. double click on the Drawer
  5. now the drawer icon is on the panel
  6. click on it
  7. right click on the empty space
  8. click on add to Drawer...
  9. now you can add applications and so on
  10. to add an application click on Application Launcher
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Aww - so simple when you know how :slight_smile:
Thanks, this is doing precisely what I wanted

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