Could I have avoided a UUID change?

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Hello, I just installed the latest version of ParrotOs into a multiboot environment, enjoying it immensely. I used the standard installer and manually partitioned.As I was assigning mount points for EFI/Root/Home/Swap I noticed that if you pointed Parrot toward the existing swap partition it was going to reformat it.The installer did not give me the option not to reformat.I at first opted to go with no swap but got a warning.So I mounted swap.It reformatted it and changed the UUID so that other distro’s could not locate their resume.I have worked through it but I wonder if there was a way to save my old swap UUID? I also thought I would give this feedback and a thanks.

You can just leave the partition as is I believe, perhaps not when formatting for swap(which is the operation the installer is performing when you select a filesystem). I suppose you could have just left the swap partition as is and then after booting modify the fstab and add the already existing swap partition. The installer is a bit old and was created in a time before recent machines which unless they have low ram, you want to be able to make use of suspend(tricky, won’t work properly on many machines), or you just want to have it…you really don’t need it. Any warning can be safely overlooked on an atleast reasonably modern(past 6 or 7 years) machine.

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