Could not find the program `konsole`

I use parrot OS(Security version) latest version of 4.9. i install eset virus gurd. after that display lot of trojan virus. I think remove all trojan files it self. now my problem is i can not open any pentesting tools. error messge is Could not find the program konsole

i uninstalled the ESET and to reinstall tools using this command "sudo apt update && sudo apt install parrot-tools-full ". but still not working. same error is coming. please give me a solution… thank you so much,.Screenshot_20200612_120414

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Hi, thanks for contacting us.
We’re monitoring this issue, since many users complained about missing Konsole application.
We’ll update you about this.

@dmknght do you have further informations about it?

A bug of KDE. Confirmed by their bug tracker. Everything we can do is wait for their patches.

Thanks you for reply. i reinstalled parrot os. and i upgrade the system using sudo apt get-upgrade. after that again problem is coming now. if you upgrade the system that error is coming. can i know any solution please? bs i can not install parrot os again and again.

@Dilshan_Kodithuwakku be patience
Please Read : How do i upgrade my system? (Parrot OS)

KDE Bug Details
Issue : “Error code 100, Could not find the program ‘konsole’”
commit : Screenshot at 2020-06-13 01-19-02
Patch Release : KDE Schedules-Frameworks


Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! It’s very very useful!

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install dorck

когда будет решена проблема? KDE кажется уже исправили данную проблему

I reinstalled parrot and now upgraded. after install wine this error again come still no any solution for this bug? @tissy , @I_Have_Treasure , @dmknght

As @I_Have_Treasure said, be patience. It’s a bug coming from KDE. When it will be released, we’ll import the fix.

I noticed 5.71 has been released already. Is there a Parrot OS patch to upgrade from KDE 5.70? I also have the same error when trying to launch in terminal from the menu.

все мы ждем

this could be an interesting news for you.
@Khurram_Mahmood can you please provide us the changelog of 5.71?

If I am not mistaken…June 13 was release date for KDE Framework 5.71
Release of KDE Frameworks 5.71.0 -

And mentioned in there…
KIO - Fix service file specifying ‘Run in terminal’ giving an error code 100 (bug 421374)

Actually, even 5.72 has been released now too as of July 11

please install wine. this bug will come again. my parrot is fully updated and upgraded. but still have this bug.

we do not recommend to use WINE.

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parrot еще не исправил ошибку, не включил 5.71 в сборку

ne pohoge… vo vsiakom sluchae, so vsemi upgradami u menya ne rabotaet

when will there be an update from KDE Frameworks 5.71 ???
KDE released it a month ago !!

New changelog has Fix service file specifying 'Run in terminal' giving an error code 100 (bug 421374). I am verifying it with Debian team.

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