cpu3 100% use in parrot



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I installed the parrot as my main OS
So I checked the processes and I ended up seeing the use of 100% of the CPU, someone saw something like this or it could be a problem with the hardware?

(Nixxxy) #2

what type of MOBO are you running? Do you have a MOBO that allows you to make changes to your CPU in your system bios??

I would first check out your cpu settings on your system bios and then that should address whether it is a software or hardware issue.

I dont think that CPUID or Intel extreme is supported in Debian, but i am not 100%. I haven’t searched much for a CPU monitor that works in Parrot since i usually set up my CPU settings though my bios and then do random checks using lm-sensors for temperature checks.

I have a feeling this is a hardware issue though because the monitoring I have done shows me that Parrot doesn’t put much stress on CPU’s unless you’re doing some wild scans or you know things like that.

(Matt) #4

Start off by using htop from the command line.

It will list all processes by CPU utilization.