cpu3 100% use in parrot

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I installed the parrot as my main OS
So I checked the processes and I ended up seeing the use of 100% of the CPU, someone saw something like this or it could be a problem with the hardware?

what type of MOBO are you running? Do you have a MOBO that allows you to make changes to your CPU in your system bios??

I would first check out your cpu settings on your system bios and then that should address whether it is a software or hardware issue.

I dont think that CPUID or Intel extreme is supported in Debian, but i am not 100%. I haven’t searched much for a CPU monitor that works in Parrot since i usually set up my CPU settings though my bios and then do random checks using lm-sensors for temperature checks.

I have a feeling this is a hardware issue though because the monitoring I have done shows me that Parrot doesn’t put much stress on CPU’s unless you’re doing some wild scans or you know things like that.

Start off by using htop from the command line.

It will list all processes by CPU utilization.


Todo pasa después de la instalación , vuelvo a iniciar sistema y ya lo puedo usar.
Actualicé el sistema y me da el mismo error … :frowning:
Tengo el mismo problema