Custom Live USB

Hiya Everyone,

Ive been searching and have not found a tut on how I can customise a live usb so that each time i boot it loads my pre configured setting

IE browser settings, network setting,

I dont want to use the usb persistence as I dont want anything else to be saved during the sessions.



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You will probably have to make changes to the parrot source, and then build parrot yourself.

Depending on what settings you want to change, you might find it easier to write a script you can run each time.

Build Custom Parrot ISO
Go to

Then Find out builder , Probably there

Then Go to customization and customize


You may find including.charrot/etc/skel/
There You Add .bashrc .Mozilla [Your config] .config

And run
./configure && make

IF THERE IS NO Including.chroot folder

Then during lb config && lb build
Halt process and
sudo chroot YourBinary

And manually add configs
Then build up

I don’t think so other way without Persistence…

Wait You able to add folder at your USB / part config , there you save your configs /.Mozilla and add it everyboot

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