Custom MAC address on any network

Righto hello again!
So say I want to impersonate someone on a WIFI (As an example)
I want to be able to change my mac address to their mac address.
when try do

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down


sudo macchanger -m <ANY MAC> wlan0

I try to connect to the same network… the mac is NOT THE ONE I’VE SET :triumph:

it works random only when I go into the advanced network connections menu pick my network and in the cloned mac address box I put random from the list of:
The only option I understand is Random. Can anyone explain what the other 3 mean?
Also, I’m tired of fighting with it, Can anyone explain how to set a custom mac address correctly without it resetting to the original mac address or a random and unwanted mac address? I want my own custom, spoofed mac address set on my wifi card.

the tool is old and broken. we are removing it in next big update (4.12)

@dmknght wait wait, don’t remove it, I got it working.

lol, my bad.

i’d suggest you change MAC with the network manager. I don’t have much experiences or knowledge in this but in theory (or in my opinion) it should make no differences.

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