Custom torbrowser package test

So i decided package custom Tor Browser package rather than using Torbrowser-launcher from Debian team. Why?

  • When you start Parrot, you have to download and install torbrowser from server using launcher script. With this package, you don’t have to download (And you are telling your ISP that you are downloading Tor Browser? nah…)
  • TorBrowser from launcher has no extra add-on (Tail has ublock)
  • Launcher had a bug of comparing version → cause error of launching / updating
    => What we have here
  • I added DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
  • I added Ublock Origin
  • Removed title bar for a sexy look
    In security and privacy settings, i changed default settings to safer


  1. Package installed by apt → Root user. I created a simple shell script to check owner of /usr/share/torbrowser and do gksudo chown -R $current_user:$current_user /usr/share/torbrowser when owner is not current user. This is not a short story about permission and root user when you are running something
  2. Storage problem: > 200mb storage → bigger iso file when build
  3. Automation update problem: Likely we have to add add-ons manually every time we have new release.
  4. Unexpected bugs…?

So i’m creating this topic to collect all feedbacks


  1. You’ll need devscripts and git
  2. Clone this repository git clone
  3. Build package cd torbrowser && debuild -us -uc -b
  4. Debfile will be at parent folder of torbrowser that you’ve just cloned. Install using dpkg or anything you like
  5. Start torbrowser from menu and enjoy

Problem 3.
Is it possible to include a script that downloads and install the add-ons? just like firefox comes with the system?

It will be plugins in profile of firefox core. Firefox core here means firefox engine that Torbrowser uses

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Update today:
Apparmor from torbrowser-launcher. It works
Improve owner check for the launch script

Just a quicky.
This am got new tb release. It autoupdated with all addons intact.
Have so far not run into any difficulties with this package.