Has CVE-2019-11815 been patched in ParrotOS?

It’s being worked on. Once Debian finishes their fixes we’ll be importing it as we base Parrot off of Debian Testing. Please see here for the status of the fix.

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Due to the nature of this, should a refreshed ISO be released? 4.6-1 ?

yep, they should be out shortly :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Followup question: Some laptops I have currently start showing a black screen with a blinking underscore if I update to a newer kernel. Any idea on how to resolve it? I’m currently using apt-mark hold to keep tye kernel from updating, something not advisable but it lets me use my machine.

A bit offtopic, it’s likely something to do with graphics. Please make a post in support and we can discuss it further.

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