Debian 5 on latest kde plasma?

Hey everyone hope your doing well this post of mine is strictly for people at Parrotsec!
First off i hope you are doing okay!

secondly I just installed kde plasma but why is it still using debian 5 on the latest version that I installed from your site 2 days ago?

If you are aware of this how do we resolve this and are you going resolve these issues?

it’s just the version of parrot is mistakenly considered as debian’s.
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Hi. Parrot 4.11 is based on Debian Testing. Debian 5 doesn’t even exist anymore. I suggest you to read the documentation better.

I did read the documentation and I need to resolve this issue can you help me out!

Not actually an issue with the os.

Same Problem Bro… Did You Find the Sollution

Found the solution my brother!
I found the fix !

simply cat /etc/os-release
If you see that the VERSION_ID is 5.0 change it to 8.0

Hope this fixes your problem!