Debian installer issue

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Hello everyone!
I have an HP Probook 440 g4 running windows 10 pro on an SSD and i want to install parrot on a brand new 1 TB HDD. I’m using the debian installer (booted into live mode) and i get the following error on the last step of the installation:

“GRUB installation failed.
The ‘grub-efi-amd64’ package failed to install into /target/. Without the grub bootloader installed,
the system won’t boot.”

I know my laptop is UEFI based, and I think it’s the source of the issue but I cannot find solutions online :frowning: . Can someone please help me :slight_smile: ?

I also tried running the gtk installer. It gives me a grey window that just sits there. The same issue arises with a Kali Linux bootable drive.

Parrot OS version 3.11, kernel 4.14.0, Security Edition 64 bit
I’m trying to use the debian installer in live mode.
Configuring it to run dual-boot, i have an SSD running windows 10 and I want to be able to boot into parrot from another 1 TB HDD drive.