Dependencies issue

Parrot security. You should respond as soon as possible for this. We cant install VMware, nvidia drivers or any other program which uses kernel header files thats because we cant find header files of latest kernel you have update. I hope you will look through this and update us

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Stop fucking bullshit around. All “problems” are answered in this forum multiple times. You just need to spend 2 fucking minutes to use search button and 1 pixel brain to understand.

VMware (host network modules) dosen’t work with the newer kernels. You have to

sudo git clone -b workstation-$( grep player.product.version /etc/vmware/config | sed ‘/."(.)".*/ s//\1/g’ ) /opt/vmware-host-modules/

or for VMware Workstation

sudo git clone -b workstation-$( grep workstation.product.version /etc/vmware/config | sed ‘/."(.)".*/ s//\1/g’ ) /opt/vmware-host-modules/


cd /opt/vmware-host-modules/
sudo make
sudo make install

Nvidia driver issues with Parrot 5.0 have a number of recent threads in this group.

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Oh, and every time the kernel updates, you have to do that again unless you run this:

cat<<EOF | sudo tee /etc/kernel/install.d/99-vmmodules.install

export LANG=C

KERNEL_VERSION="\${2:-\$( uname -r )}"

  grep player.product.version /etc/vmware/config \
    | sed '/.*\"\(.*\)\".*/ s//\1/g'


case "\${COMMAND}" in
       [ -z \${VMWARE_VERSION} ] \
         && exit 0

       git clone -b workstation-\${VMWARE_VERSION} /opt/vmware-host-modules-\${VMWARE_VERSION}/
       cd /opt/vmware-host-modules-\${VMWARE_VERSION}/
       make install VM_UNAME=\${KERNEL_VERSION}

        exit 0

exit \${ret}
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Dude thats harsh. Do you think i create an account and post the questions in the forum without even searching. I tried my best i didnt find out how to do it. Thats why i posted it. Im not sure why was this forum created. I like and want to support Parrot OS. Didnt expect this harsh response

Thanks for the response dude

Dude what about Nvidia issue?

No problem. Wish VMware would update their paid product to cover newer kernels instead of customers relying on 3rd party hacks.

I don’t own an Nvidia card (or money) and use a 2nd gen PC with built-in graphics. I saw quite a few posts about Nvidia issues this past month on this group: