dev account email confirm not working

(John Taylor) #1

I try to make a dev account it ask me to confirm my email but it not sending me a email ur system is down parrot

(Abdel Rhman Anter) #2

we are use only this

(John Taylor) #3

I know but I can’t register because your email confirmation bot is not sending me a email to confirm my email
and I have checked spam

(Abdel Rhman Anter) #4

@palinuro !!!

(John Taylor) #5

@palinurosec pls tell me when its back up thanks

(Nico Paul) #6

It was working earlier today when I changed mine around 9am eastern us time

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #7

retry now, and please check your spam folder

(Mohamed Salama) #9

So, why all emails marked as spam emails (google in my case) !!

(Nico Paul) #10

Its being bullied because its not a microsoft 365 server, its really annoying but Its not parrots fault

(flip) #11

It works for me…
I’m new here…
It was in my spam folder…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #12

Google Make All Parrot Email Spam
Also I Try To Mark As UnSpam
But No Option For Your Portal
Even In Spam Folder Google Removed Link of Verification
Said Due To Not Encrypted Connection

(Nico Paul) closed #13