Differences between MATE and KDE?

So Im considering downloading parrot and when I went into the KDE download it recommended temporarily using MATE. what are the differences? is it worth it or should I should just wait for the bug fix? Thanks!

~Sable :slight_smile:

MATE is lighter (last I checked). Most users use MATE, myself included.

I suggest trying it :slight_smile:

Maybe even run both live and make a decision based on your experiences.

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Yeah as @RightToPrivacy said, MATE is a lighter DE with probably less customizations than KDE. The ram usage is less as it is not so say GUIsh like KDE.
You get a simple, clean, and beautiful DESKTOP which are customizable to some extent.
About the KDE, some people prefer KDE as well because of its beautiful things.
But it is all users’ preferences which one they prefer.

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile: ill do some thinking

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Thank you :slight_smile: so im getting that if i want pretty and customizable go with KDE but for practicality got for MATE? thanks again!


While these are the two “officially” supported versions, there is little to nothing stopping you from using your own desktop such as XFCE, GNOME, etc. You can go even lighter weight and switch to a window manger such as i3, Awesome, etc.

Most people feel more comfortable using a traditional desktop but window managers are a good choice for those that want a truly stripped down version.

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