Different desktop after update

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  • **Parrot 4.11.3

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Suddenly after update my home screen is different, and when I try to reboot it goes into infirmants, thaks

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How did you update it exactly?
We use script parrot-update to run system update which should not break the system

Yes sudo parrot-upgrade I used, I switched it off this morning after it happened and now when I boot up its going into infirmats shell lol not sure what has happened? :joy:

I actually have a system ata friends that I set up for him on home edition that has also gone the same way but still loads

That’s weird, really. Let me tell Palinuro about this issue

Okay are you wanting me to post you any logs

I have the same mistake! Exactly the same!

Yer didn’t do nothing out of the ordinary! Just upgraded and went weired

on the other hand when you click on the menu what happens? (because me it does not even work) I speak about the menu in bottom on the left

I did use the command though and of course I use the command all the time for updates

sudo parrot-upgrade

Well my friends computer the menu doesn’t work onthebottom left hand side either I have to shutdown using button to bring up menu or coomand line to shutdown, everything seems to work but his is only home edition. My computer is security edition won’t load now it’s stuck in infrimits shell :joy: I’m currently running off alive USB if I need to do anything

I had to go through kde to solve the problem :expressionless:and I don’t have this problem anymore (for now).

Think I’ll reinstall on a fresh upto date stick as I’m stuck Ininfimirtssbut may try and fix I’ll keep you posted

No i don’t really need a log. This is because of overwriting skel data when desktop is upgrade. I think i might have a solution for it but It is under development

I don’t know if I should specify but for example I had just installed discord (I didn’t use the snap store or anything) and when I restarted parrot I got this error. so it’s more the installation in general that changes the desktop.

Kde seems to have no problems

Vm mate security edition runs okay to fyi

I asked other member to help me test this issue and no bugs happened. IT’s really strange. Maybe you can check .xsessionerror or the files like that at $HOME and find some spots. However i doubt it shows anything useful

No probs ill check and send you the log when I get to my freinds as I’ve reinstalled to kde now, wished I had done it earlier cause kde is brilliant! :blush:

neh XFCE user here LuL.