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Parrot 4.6

Hi, I want to disable the nsa speck module, how can I do that? also theiurs articles stating debian is owned by the NSA is that true? finally is their any other NSA modules in Parrot OS

:ok_woman::ok_woman: Where did you come up with this @spark. Just Curious.

Debian is a FOSS (Free & Open source software) and you (or anyone else) can review its source code. As far as i know, Its free for public use and is NOT owned by NSA or Any other government agency.

Not that im aware of :wink: You’ve gotta ask the devs

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THis is the article about Debian

and this is nsa speck that is in all linux distros https://itsfoss.com/nsas-encryption-algorithm-in-linux-kernel-is-creating-unease-in-the-community/, I want to disable it, i have been targeted by the “shadow government” to steal my business and basically murder me so Im having to take all precations.

the discussions in the comments section of the IG blog are interesting and enlightening – well worth the read.

My simple (and short) answer: stop watching TV and start pwning things.

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My long answer: People keep loving NSA products (exploits, malwares, tools, … and the trend about Ghidra) but keep complaining about NSA is owning something absolutely-not-being-owned-by-NSA-and-not-possible-except-NSA-has-some-miracle-0-day-exploits. Seriously, this is nothing but users mind problem: Kali is the best hacking system, this distro is best for being un-tracked, that distro is best for daily use, NSA is owned everything and they are watching you watching porn. Nope nope. It is not easy like that. I know the theory behind encryption and how NSA can break them easily but you must know that their are org[s] audit the algth as well.

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The Nsa isnt really the Bad Guys, They create Helpfull Information for Cyber Security Professionals

They even have a web site, with Open Source Tools for Cyber Security Professionals and the NSA would work and Hire almost anyone with tallent. If it wernt for them we wouldnt have SELinux or possibly Solid Encryption on Android Phones, Every Android Phone (not Rooted) has Security Certificates created by them.

For Example my S10e [your path may be slightly different] the path is Biometrics & security/Other security settings and under credintial storage I have 4 catogorie View security certificates is like the main area witch you can see for yourself pretty much any certificate thats SE-ICS or SECOM etc… was created by somone at the NSA. They have a ton of valuable resources on thier website. and Im not promoting them as being the Good Guys. In this world there is no good guy! There are only people and some are good people who do bad things and there are bad people who do good things. Were all the same and Governments can make mistakes just like everyone else…

Jobs, Advice, Threat Assesment info, Partnerships…] (https://www.nsa.gov/what-we-do/cybersecurity/#professional-resources)

Great Resource for people new to the Cyber World like a doing Blue Team or Sysadmins Just at least check out the one on DNS. or UEFI secured boot. They even have refrences to more resources and links.]

The NSA may have bad people working for them, but so does McDonalds and are you going to stop eating Big Macs because bad people work there??? My Cousin is Former Border Patrol Agent now hes TTF in the FBI and My father-in-law is a Former Secret Service Agent and Treasury Agent, and Both of them are some of the most amazing people ive ever known.

They are only going to watch you, if your someone they should be watching!!! and if you are… They got a bizillion other ways to do it that will most likley never know about…


@po11y, you clearly have no idea what the pentagon, nsa etc are capable of and how they are filled with corrupt staff, snowdon? forgot that how they falsely target people, or how about this https://www.dcclothesline.com/2019/07/18/100s-of-pentagon-officials-caught-running-child-porn-network-on-government-computers/

and youre telling me they should be watching me, no they shouldnt im not worried what they see, I dont do anything illegal im concerned what false crap they plant or conjure up so I dont want them having any access to my stuff, sick people like that who want to steal a business worth billions and who electronically harass people around the wold, innocent people!!! get a grip just because you think theyre amazing thats your view.

I too once went through “anti-NSA” phase. You’ll recover too, pal.

I agree. Its a bit of rotten place (not sure if thats the correct word to use) but every government dept today resembles the same environment. Me personally, I wont be concerned if I were you. Agencies like NSA will only target you if you’re either :

  1. Definitely A Bad Guy.
  2. Filthy Rich
  3. Massive Public Influencer or
  4. You have cracked the quantum formula to hack thermonucler missiles or You behold the secret weapon that aliens gave you to annihilate humans of this planet.

…Yeah. You get the point. If they want you. THEY WILL HAVE YOU.

So maybe sit back, Dont support or endorse any “Bad Guy” activities, have a sip of healthy lemonade, relax and maybe spend some less time watching Sci-fi movies.
Rozzers over pentagon have provided us with a lot of good stuff too. Maybe drink away their negative side and enjoy the better side. Good for your physical and mental health in a long run, ya know :smile:


Ehrm sorry - this is nothing to do with “you will get over it” - Mass Surveillane is absolutley not acceptable. Their job is to know everyones busines - think Stasi in East-Germany WWII on steriods - you think that kind of culture and world is ok?

And don’t get me started on the fake, false and phony “terrorist events” they stage to grab ever more of our rights away and errode our privacy - alll under the fake banner of “we are just trying to help you”…

I am concerned with PRIVACY - not security. Priavcy is my business and no-one elses and my right. Without privacy we are nothing.

You are right though - today there is no escape. Especially as the massea are getting dumber and dumber about how this stuff works - they are litteraly just giving it away…But you can use alternatives - paper and pencil, meet people face to face, do not use computers, zero social media, or just (as I do) have different machines in different locations for different tasks…(not private but they just have to work harder to join the dots…)

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There are no good guys at any soveriegn state “syping/hacking” organisation - you must leave your soul at the door and swear alegance to the flag the moment you walk it - Snowden did us all a favor as he, like a few I guess has second thoughts - earning shit loads of money - but selling their brothers and sisters up the river…

Sorry - you cannot work for “big gov” and be a “good guy” - they know full-welll they have “crossed the line” - as you would too…Wait-a-minute…Maybe you are one of them? Lurking…they like to lurk in forums like this …posing as “helpful” info guys…as you alluded to…ha! Caught you!

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I dont see how hackers are the poster childs of morals and why you judge others so negativity. Apperantly you didnt read what I said because my point is theres good and bad people everywhere. Thers no business, government, company, charity, school or any other type of establishment thats has only “good” people. What is the Definitation of good? somone who goes around pawning boxes? LMFAO. I cant tell if your funny or just sick. but clearly you dont look in the mirror enough. Nobody was placed on this planet to be the judge of others, you either make life worth living or you dont. and if I’m going to get mine ill do what ever it takes and I think you would too. so maybe you could spread more love than hate and maybe if more tried to lead by example the internet wouldnt be a cesspool, either way you can complain about random posts you read, random people you meet, or random employees at establishments you know nothing about. The world will still wake up tomorrow and do the same thing regardless. And to many people think Snoden was a whistle-blower? NO his actions SCREAMS NSA Disinformation campaign all over it, Or actually ISA this sounds more like the ISA, this is a OGA, a Intel ageicy that dosent write down their Acronym causethe Security through Obscureity Concept is hwo it really works so if snoden really came forward he have told eveyone about the 39 or so agencies who really do the damage. The real dirty work is done by Agencies you never heard of and never will… You know thier all laughing at everyone who believes Snoden is a Whistle bLower. Stop watching movies and think thats real life man. You just come off as being Ignorant to a world you know nothing about. Plus im Former CIA Not NSA bro get it right!!!

  • Gov hacks into systems -> Damn they are ducking bad quack
  • Hacker groups hack into systems -> They are talents / true heroes / teachers / bla bla bleh bleh

Here is the real deal: I am planing and developing something like IDS for Parrot OS. It has features like solutions for Enterprise but for personal computers. If anyone want the system alerts if NSA hacks the system -> help me develop this quack and improve it as much as possible. It is better than: Hey, NSA is hacking the world, you have to do this / that. I am waiting for it. Real world needs real solutions.



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I think I am old enough and wise enough to know what is really going on - the ususal suspects are always there - CIA, MOSAD, GCHQ/MI-6 - and finance behind it all US Wallstreet Bankers, City of London, Vatican et al - but the biggest scam of all is the fake, false and phony US Dollar printed into oblivion to steal global assets and fund fake false flag war and stage “terrorist” events.

Hacking is the new form of warfare - and yes Big-Gov are part of the problem - and yes I stand my decission - there is no-one good in those offices with a shred of moral fiber - they trade their soul with the devil daily. That aint my thing.

Just telling it like it is.

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