Disable password for admin related work

I am using Parrot 4.5 in Vmware workstation.
whenever i do any admin related task, it keeps asking me for password.
How can i disable it, so that it does not ask the details everytime

That would essentially “Kalify” your beautiful bird!

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I am ok with that.

Why are you using parrot vs kali then?

Do you understand what could be possible in this situation?

You can find what you need to know here

It is however, worth noting that disabling sudo (admin prompt, et cetera) is dangerous, as sudo is a security feature.

run visudo and add the following at the END just before the include directives,

Custom entry

whateveryourusernameis ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL

(this is a bit of a security risk, in as much as if your user account is compromised, they have elevated access right out of the gate…)
man sudoers contains a wealth of information on the subject…

Just use sudo -i (which alias is _i ) or sudo su, instead of breaking your system security.

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I would honestly suggest using a second terminal emulator and login into it as superuser and running the commands that need escalation from there.

Any actual hacking i do tends to involve a FEW terminals open. I agree my solution, (as noted in my response) is NOT a good idea. It is however how to get it done. I only shared it because Open Source is about freedom. Up to and including freedom to shoot yourself in the foot…lol

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This was discussed in the thread also: Trash icon not showing on desktop and eventually came to the same ‘solution’.

At the end of the day, its their system and they can do what they want with it. There are more secure compromises, but not everyone cares about their security.

Obviously in certain cases this ‘solution’ wouldn’t be a problem. But for a typical user its not recommended.

These are all correct. I agree with @return_zero and exercised my freedom to not contribute to the potential security disaster. Glad that it could be answered and happy I did not have to do so.