Disabling wifi/bluetooth by default for live boot

Hello All,

I would like to alter my Parrot Bootable thumb drive running Parrot-security-4.11.1 so that the default state of wifi/bluetooth is off upon boot. Currently, when I boot up on multiple different computers, the wifi/bluetooth is enabled by default. Currently I have to wait until Parrot is fully running, then I open a terminal and run “sudo rfkill block all”, but, I would like for this behavior to be automatic during boot on my non-persistent ‘live’ bootable thumbdrive.

I am clearly new at this kind of thing, but I’ve been unsuccessful in my research. I know very little about boot commands, but I tried to add “rfkill.default_state=0” to the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file under the “Ram” option (the one I prefer to use), but it did not work. Is there a different way to modify the bootable thumb drive contents/files to disable wifi/bluetooth by default?

  • **ParrotOS iso in use:Parrot-security-4.11.1_amd64

  • **Application used for flashing the iso: Rufus

Just curious if anyone has encountered this before

FYI if you’re editing anything in live, the next time it will always boot as a new system with no changes applied from previous session.
You might have to modify the ISO to get it done.

Thanks Th3, I appreciate the help. I am trying to edit the Grub bootloader vice the actual ISO files themself, which I believe will be persistent and alter the behavior upon boot - like when it chooses ‘to RAM’ vs a traditional ‘live’ boot. Please correct me if I’m wrong though.

if you alter iso files, then yes they will be applied on live boot