Discourse App?

Howdy alls! I’m wondering if there’s a specific reason the forum isn’t enabled for the phone Discord app? I can’t seem to find the “Apps” area of the Preferences tab. Also, when I attempt to connect to the forum from the iOS Discord app I get a not found error. I know the app is functioning properly because I can use another Discord forum I’m a member of. Maybe I’ve been at it too long today and need some sleep before my brain will work well enough to see what I’m doing wrong here.

If any of the Mods can shed some light here, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance - for the community and the Parrot project itself!

  • Steve

I’m a bit confused on what you mean.

We currently don’t have a discord server. Here is why https://community.parrotsec.org/t/discord-server/4724/14

Ugh! I need to proofread my posts better! I meant the “DiscourseHub App”. Specifically, this is the app I use with other Discourse communities.

I myself am not a big fan of the Discord method of community communication - I’m just too susceptible to the “squirrel” syndrome to participate in any real-time communications over a long period of time.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry about my brain-fart with the app name I was asking about.

From what i know, Discourse doesn’t have any native mobile apps, I would guess that those apps are just webviews.

I dont see why it wouldn’t work if it works in your browser. The only thing i can think of is our ‘X-Frame-Options’ policy is ‘sameorigin’, so trying to load it in an iframe will fail.

why not use the buildt-in mobile view function of discourse? its on the bottom right corner on the dropdown menu left beside of your avatar (top right)

The app I linked in my last reply is the sudo-native app from Discourse. Yes, it is a web-wrapper, but also provides push notifications, I find myself always missing out on conversations because I didn’t know about a reply or topic until it was a week (or more) old. I know I can use the mobile version of the forum, but I prefer an app (I hate shortcuts on my home screen, and never have been able to use my bookmarks on mobile) mainly, in this case at least, because its generally faster for me to jump into the forums through the app when I have 5 minutes while waiting in line or for an appointment. Also, like I said I really like the push notifications through the app.

Anyway, not a deal-breaker. It’s just the way I’ve done things, old dog new tricks and all.

Above all though, thank you all for everything ParrotSec OS! Such an awesome OS and utility! I’m hoping that I can give as much to the community as I’ve already gotten out of the platform!

If you go to your user preferences, in the notifications section there is an option to enable ‘live notifications’ . You could try that and see if does what you need - I haven’t tried it, so not 100% sure how well it works.

Interesting, I will add it to my todo and take a look, thanks for the info.