Disk Encryption Wallpaper

Does anyone know how to change the wallpaper for the disk encryption screen?

I know how to change the grub screen wallpaper, lockscreen, and desktop, but I can’t find any documentation on changing the disk encryption screen(if that’s what it’s called).

It’s the wallpaper for the screen when you do a full disk encryption in-case that wasn’t clear.

I think it is called plymouth theme and it is booting wallpaper (unencrypted disk has it as well)

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Yes, thank you for that. I had no idea what it was called. For anyone interested, I was able to change it by running:

plymouth-set-default-theme -R theme

You can see the list of themes by running:

plymouth-set-default-theme -l

And with a quick search, you can also create your own themes and apply it the same way.

Thanks dmknght

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