Disk is write protected

Hello There,
I installed Parrot 4.4 os on my pc with Windows 10 already installed with the intention to dual boot, but there was a problem with the grub boot looder. So I wasn’t able to dual boot my system.

My problem is my hard drive of 500gb has become Write protected whereby I can’t install my windows back. An

I realized there is a 3.5Gb partition I can only see with zulumount and It’s in hfs type but It doesn’t appear in gparted.

I also realized that part of my hard drive has become loop ( fdisk /dev/loop0) and I think thats where the write protection is.

I have performed all kinds of format even low level formats but its still write protected. I just can’t get it off.

I need your help :pensive: to get my hard disk back to its rightful state.

Please :pray:t3::pray:

fdisk from terminal may work

Can you show me a line of commands to use am just a beginner. You can remote to my pc if you want to. Its my work laptop.

could you paste the output of sudo fdisk -l and df -h thus we can see what is using how much space.

Uploading: IMG_20200711_120237_067.jpg…

This is from zulu mount

I run Parrot 4.4 I need help in wiping the write protection on the 3.5gb drive which has become a loop partition of the 500gb hard drive.

did you try to format it?,if not then try formatting it with
Gparted or GNOME Disks.

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