Distributed end-user OS & Parrotlinux

VDI is coming to our life starting from corporations. And if Community won’t pay attention to it, we can end up in a pretty bad environment. There should be an alternative to monitored consumer virtual desktops in future.

Parrotlinux is awesome in terms of security and privacy. And while the Project provides home virtual appliances for People, is there somebody to discuss future of this?

Do you see Parrot appropriate for distributed end-user experience?
When do you think it would be possible to use desktop with a thin client via VPN connection to distributed network (trusted by design like IPFS) which provide end-user OS? Friend UP and Golem doing something similar. Is there other networks with similar ideas?

Or should rival projects become OS which provide such capabilities? What could it be: Silverblue, Qubes adapted for cloud, another project?

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