Do I still need to use my VPN?

If I use Anonsurf, do I still need my VPN?

You can check from blackmoreops and hak5


nop vpn is not needed

please note that nearly on third of all tor exit nodes are compromised,so it might be good idea to use a good vpn

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Thanks guys for the responses on this thread

You recommend using a good VPN, could you recommend one please?

Personalty, I have recently installed Windscribe (free version) on another linux laptop and it seems to be working well - any opnion / advice on this product?

well some of the best are proton, nord, express, ipvanish ones if pay to use
other than that free vpns are hard to trust but working are touchvpn, psiphone

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Many thanks for the response Solo.nepal !

There is a oops though : neither touchvpn nor psiphone seem to be available on linux :-/

opps no problem
you can try shurfshark with trial version you get 30 days
if only on browser you can use browser extensions as well
other than that anonsurf is better haha

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Cheers, sounds good!

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