Do It Yourself topic: Resources to learn

Start with basic knowledge.

  1. Linux basic
  2. Python scripting
  3. C language
  4. PHP language
  5. Networking

Let’s do some good free courses

  1. more basic knowledge and some more advanced courses about
  2. opensecuritytraining: Start with x86, x64, reversing and software exploitation, pentesting
  3. More about software exploitation
  4. Web pentesting
  5. Secure coding: Understand the vuln, find it and exploit it
  1. Labs
  • metasploitable 2 (Linux distro with vulnerable services, web apps)
  • metasploitable 3 (Windows server with vulnerable services, web apps)
  • DVWA / multidae 2 / bwapp / webgoat / broken web: Common labs to learn and train web exploit

Go to the next level

  1. Play with ROP
  2. Offensive Computer Security, an advanced course
  3. Play challenges
  • HackTheBox:
  • Wizard labs:
  • Vulnhub:

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