docke/docker-cer reinstallation issues and gns3 *unusual* behavior

I installed Parrot OS to an SSD and tested my massive docker-compose ctf management project. It ran well.

I installed GNS3 in accordance with the official documentation, it seemed to run well, at first. It couldnt run the local server due to permissions error in binding to the socket it preferred.

Gns3 seems to be unable to see the /usr/bin/ directory, despite using the docker command to pull and run an image, it says its not found. nor can it find vmrun ( I installed the VIX api to get that) or vboxmanage (I use that in my scripts, its working, I assure you)

gns3 is acting like there is a secondary docker install, it is listing images it just pulled instead of images I have been working on. That same error doesnt occur now, as it has effectively made its own docker image repo, seperate from the original local one? No new entries in the system journal. Just a notification from discord asking for desktop access. I went through the preferences and selected all the options that made an error message pop up

I think its a permissions error in the files of the gns3 application

I cant seem to get GNS3 to notice that I have VBox and VMware installed. The only way to get the GUI working with a gns3 VM server is to have a server VM running, outside gns3 and setting the program to use a remote server

Then suddenly gns3 has options available in the dropdown for the platform to use. And the “add” feature for docker/vbox/qemu/vmware doesnt seem to notice all the binaries laying around in the preferred locations once I click the button to add a new box to the template list… The error in the pop up box is that its not in the $PATH… it is in the $PATH

I followed the install directions for debian, as shown on the gns3 docs. I am in the correct groups, I can utilize all of these parts individually, but gns3 cannot. I had to install the VIX api tooling before vmware workstation player, to get the vmrun binary installed

I removed Docker and discovered that apt was not detecting the “docker-ce” package… so I purged it with dpkg -P
I then began reinstallation using the official documentation from docker, and the docker deamon wont start, and apt said it was from docker-ce during the installation.

I was just hoping for some help in figuring out why gns3 doesnt work as expected, and why docker seems to be broken now

Thank you for your time,

  • ParrotOS iso in use:
    4.11.3 amd64 MATE - security edition

  • Application used for flashing the iso:
    windows based balena etcher to a USB, then true installation to SSD once booted live.

  • Screenshots:
    I can give screenshots if requested

well, this morning, after looking at the syslog, I used the command /usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// --containerd=/run/containerd/containerd.sock and the docker deamon is running normally and the hello world works.

I soft linked the vmrun/vboxmanage/vmplayer binaries to ~/,local/bin and it still said they werent in the path

Its looking more and more like this is a gns3 issue. mods, please feel free to remove this if you think it isnt specific enough to this OS. I think itt is though, gns3 is something a lot of people use to learn and I chose parrotOS for a dev system for a few good reasons. I am still curious though why gns3 cant use the /usr/bin/ folder. and I am hoping someone would have an answer, them ore people that see this, the better a chance I have of getting input.

Thank you!

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