Documents folder doesn't show up in Places

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4.7 Security, stable

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Debian GTK

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I have photosss_1 ss_2 ss_3

So, the thing is that I accidentaly moved the Documents folder to the Music one (Touchpads weren’t made for me). After this, the Documents folder changed its icon (it was like an usual foldeer icon + something else) and dissapeared from Places, or caja side bar. I tried looking thorough Caja settings, but solved nothing. It may look like a noob question, it may be one, but I have no idea how to revert the changes. Thanks for your time!

As far as i know you cant do it in caja, you use xdg-user-dir and its config files. But saying this i just tried it myself and didn’t have much luck.

I will link it now as you might be able to figure it out yourself.,early%20in%20the%20login%20phase.

I will let you know if i get it working, i’m probably just missing something.

Also reading the man pages might help:

man  user-dirs.dirs
man user-dirs.conf
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Thanks @KidKlown for that link, reading that doc helped me.
I did the following:

  • For Documents folder to appear in caja’s sidebar, I’ve modified ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs (Initially, it was set to an invalid path because of me mucking with that folder):

  • After that, almost all was good, except one thing: the Documents folder didn’t showed up in Places. I did some searches and found out that this thing will appear if I bookmark it on caja. Ok, fine. I’ve pressed CTRL + D inside the Documents folder, it didn’t appeared on caja’s bookmarks, but appeared on Places. Perfect, don’t know how this worked out, but I think I can live without knowing it :slight_smile:

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