Does adding privacy/security add-ons make firefox better?

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but, is HTTPS everywhere, ublock and privacy badger enough?? Should I add more than what default firefox, in Parrot OS, has? Is it better if I add other ones? Like duckduckgo extension or ghostery.

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Depends what your goals are. :slightly_smiling_face:

The more you do add to your browser, the more unique your browser fingerprint may become.

At the same time these add-ons (Privacy Badger, NoScripts, UBlock) can prevent other forms of tracking…

It’s a balancing act.

Another option is to create separate containers for carrying different interests.
To simplify: use separate browsers for each interest/subject.

Add in Firejail or Virtual machines to enhance security/privacy.

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my goal is simply to avoid being tracked, I want to stop google and the “data gangster” from following me :slight_smile:

My advice: Use Tor Browser wherever possible. Script blockers will help- but trackers will continue to advance. Many large companies like google may eventually dodge certain blockers.

To avoid tracking, Tor Browser is the best option you have.

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I use them and wouldn’t browse without them. In addition to the advice already given, you might also consider a router that provides telemetry and ad blocking tools. But I would expect that there’s always a need to build a better mousetrap, even for the Tor Nework. One interesting new browser extension is AdNauseum. I haven’t tried it and can’t claim to be an expert, but it’s supposed to go beyond mere blocking and confuse Google’s ad network. Here’s a article with more information:

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I use browser isolation, meaning I use chrom(ium) for sites google can track, like youtube account…, then I take other browser for online banking, or still other browser where I only visit online shops. One browser can be only for private surfing and so on…
Effectively I use like 5 browsers, each for a specific set of purposes.


and with the safe-browse “feature” ff is sending every 30 min the ip to this google-service, per default (ONE of the google collaborations)

The best way to me is to have different browser for different action (following the idea of qubes in my view). If you surf to sites they already know your identity (banking, spotify, netflix etc), theres much more less concern about fingerprinting or unwanted calls. If you are surfing, you could use the 3-Browser-Idea, view an example chart here (Kuketz Blog, German). And for watching content, where you have a maximum interest in privacy, you could use a prepacked browser over a onion network or vpn. For me its important, that this capitalists can not access my interestbubble.

Mozilla/Firefox doesnt fit my needs in any way and anymore. They prey privacy and do the opposite. Google Tracks when you access about:addons in the ff browser. Or to say different. Mozilla/FF let Google Track their users knowingly, thats more correct! Firefox tracks users with Google Analytics in the add-on settings | Hacker News. wtf? Not the browser of my choice, but I’m using it, since I have a usable alternative (hints are welcome). -.- dang,… (btw, its the wrong recipient, I wanted to answer the to)

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People look at me like I’m nuts why do you need so many???! compartmentalization… different tools for different task!

I think
Tor is the best, when sites let you use it.
I think ublock on Firefox is a must. Do we still need https every where after recent Firefox update? Researching this.

Brave is cool!

I’m researching and learning about arkenfox on GitHub.

Will there ever be a privacy friendly non fingerprinting dark mode? And when are we gonna get a search engine we all deserve and ditch g as the only mainstream search?

Also using things like foxy proxy I’m really unsure how to feel about an extension with only 17k downloads really narrows the pool of anonymity and privacy.

This thread is great!