Does adding privacy/security add-ons make firefox better?

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but, is HTTPS everywhere, ublock and privacy badger enough?? Should I add more than what default firefox, in Parrot OS, has? Is it better if I add other ones? Like duckduckgo extension or ghostery.

Depends what your goals are. :slightly_smiling_face:

The more you do add to your browser, the more unique your browser fingerprint may become.

At the same time these add-ons (Privacy Badger, NoScripts, UBlock) can prevent other forms of tracking…

It’s a balancing act.

Another option is to create separate containers for carrying different interests.
To simplify: use separate browsers for each interest/subject.

Add in Firejail or Virtual machines to enhance security/privacy.

my goal is simply to avoid being tracked, I want to stop google and the “data gangster” from following me :slight_smile:

My advice: Use Tor Browser wherever possible. Script blockers will help- but trackers will continue to advance. Many large companies like google may eventually dodge certain blockers.

To avoid tracking, Tor Browser is the best option you have.

I use them and wouldn’t browse without them. In addition to the advice already given, you might also consider a router that provides telemetry and ad blocking tools. But I would expect that there’s always a need to build a better mousetrap, even for the Tor Nework. One interesting new browser extension is AdNauseum. I haven’t tried it and can’t claim to be an expert, but it’s supposed to go beyond mere blocking and confuse Google’s ad network. Here’s a article with more information:

I use browser isolation, meaning I use chrom(ium) for sites google can track, like youtube account…, then I take other browser for online banking, or still other browser where I only visit online shops. One browser can be only for private surfing and so on…
Effectively I use like 5 browsers, each for a specific set of purposes.