Does parrot support multiple monitors

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Hi, I have a pc I want to install parrot on, it has 4 monitors connected, 3 via display port 1 via hdmi, would parrot support this setup?

I am having a PC with 2 monitors and it works fine. IDK about other number but it should be okay.

Well, I tried to get the 3 monitors attached by displayport and 1 hdmi connected to onboard graphics to work but it wouldnt, so I changed the settings in the bios to enable both gpu, that worked until parrot login where it just hangs then says busybox and asks for a command or just hangs. Any ideas? the motherboards asus and the graphics card is nvidia, I installed parrot on aa m.2 drive, I will try installing it on a Sata ssd to see if it makes a difference.

For now i don’t. The problem could be from DE or anything and i don’t have enough hardware to test it. My PC is using nvidia as well that is everything i can say.

Thanks, Im using an nvidia p400, after a fresh install this is the error message im getting (image attached)20191023183839_IMG_0412

I believe we upgrade the fix for 4.7 version but it can happen randomly. Maybe you should reinstall 4.6 and full upgrade (This problem is from debian side i believe)

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