Does the GRUB2 BootHole Vulnerability affect Parrot Os?

Hi guys, I guess some of us know about the GRUB2 “BootHole” Vulnerability. I would like to know if Parrot home or Parrot Security has gotten this GRUB2 “BootHole” Vulnerability solved/ fixed in the Parrot Os or is it still a risk to the Parrot Os?

Yes, we already fixed Boot Hole vulnerability.

Thank you tissy for the reply, that is great to know. May I ask in brief what we’re the steps taken by parrot os to mitigate the boothole vulnerability as I am genuinely keen to know more on what has been done. I suppose parrot home and parrot security both os boothole vulnerability has been fixed yea.

Also one more important question. When we encrypt our drive during the parrot os installation, why do we see two hard drives when we only have one hard drive? (No partition)

Example I have only one 120GiB hard drive but in dolphin file manager it shows:

120GiB Encrypted Drive
120GiB Hard Drive

Both drives show the exact same folders and files.

Looking forward to hear from you tissy.