Downgrade kernel in updates


Today in updates was downgrade kernel to 4.19.28-2parrot4.28t??
All dkms modules stop working after that… Why back to kernel from (2019-04-18)

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Please can you provide the command used to upgrade the system ?

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microcode is ok but kernel not have mitigations against:
CVE-2019-11091 aka 'RIDL,
CVE-2018-12127 aka 'RIDL,
CVE-2018-12130 aka 'ZombieLoad,
CVE-2018-12126 aka 'Fallout,

parrot-upgrade ofc but many my devices with parrot got this kernel… i had newer and last days… Downgrade… WHY?

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Can you say, what is the newest kernel, installed at your machine?

the kernel downgrade is perfectly normal and safe. and even if it seems like we are doing a step back, we were forced to downgrade the package to actually push a more recent version of the kernel with the latest security patches, but we were also forced to switch back our way to handle kernel versions (which caused the apparent regression)

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