Downloading problem parrot iso file 4.9.1

tried download the parrot iso 4.9.1 but it stops at 530mb. need help

I tested download work fine for me
I download form here
from Russian mirror

Try downloading torrent. This solved it for others having that issue.

Because of this kind of activities
Screenshot at 2020-05-25 15-29-48

You need a decent OS for temporary purposes I recommend Pop (Ubuntu base).
You need a good sandbox Firejail is good enough.
You need a good download manager such as aria2 or Falkon browser.
You need to try many mirrors before one is accepted (start with Dutch, German, US)
If all this fails or to lazzy you can try my keybase public:
You can also install keybase (the machine is figerprinted and watermarked… for most people) and download from my public folder and that works for shure. (

i also had this kind of problem & torrent solved it.

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