dual boot

hi, please I want to reinstall windows10 in dual boot with my parrot os but how can I create a bootable key from parrot, balena also doesn’t want to be installed, pleasse can I get your help.

you can do that simply using dd command
$ sudo dd if=windowsISO.iso \ of=/dev/sdd bs=1M status=progress

for if, you put path where the windowsiso is located
and of is the device which you want to make bootable and flash the windows iso

to find which device is pendrive, you can do
df -h or du - h or sudo fdisk –l

hello solo.nepal
i am wondering if i can get your help with this one
i have parrot os installed on my hdd and i want to dual boot windows 10 alongside it but i tried using gparted but it is in an extended partition and that cannot be resized and when i resized the partition inside the extended partition balena etcher does not pick it up as a sepeaate storage device and only my mmain hdd only is picked up by balena etcher please help