Dual Monitor HDMI via USB C Totu adapter

I have an HP Spectre 360, I just performed a system update today and I have lost my external monitor after the update. My monitor is connected via a Totu USB C hub, the keyboard and mouse connected to the hub still work.

Parrot Version

  • VERSION_ID=“5.0”
  • VERSION=“5.0 (LTS)”

Kernel Version

  • 5.15.0-15parrot1-amd64

Not Dual Booted
Originally installed via USB

+xrandr output

So just in case someone else stumbles upon this page, I finally figured out what was going on. There are a ton of links recomending to use Nvidia drivers, which is great for those using an Nvidia graphics card. But if you have an integrated Graphics card, check all of your graphics settings thoroughly.

Under Display & Monitor → compositor. I noticed that the Render had been sent to OpenGL 2.0. Once I changed it to OpenGL 3.1, I was able to see the monitor in the display configuration settings as a device. Then I just needed to enable the second monitor and it all started working. I did also have to adjust the display settings from 30 Hz back to 60 Hz.

Hopefully if someone else is stuck with no Nvidia card and only the onboard card this will help them.