Dual monitor problem!

I try to use my second monitor in Parrot os but it just does not take the signal, but when I boot in Windows and it works, it is Parrot os that does not allow me to use the second monitor. It also happens to me that when I move the monitors in the screen settings it crashes.

Versión 4.4 de 64-bit Núcleo Linux 4.18.0-parrot20-amd64 x86_64 MATE 1.20.3

i installed parrot using a usb

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes)

Monitor Preferences, and u can turn each monitor on or off.

Boot in old kernel

i did it but still does not work :weary:

how? sorry im noob :sweat_smile:

Poweroff PC/Laptop
Now Start PC And keep hitting Shift (if you dual booted)
You get Grub Options
Select Advance Option for Parrot
And there you see 2 kernel
Parrot20 recovery mode
Parrot10====> Select this And Hit Enter
Parrot10 recovery mode

And best way is
Remove All Parrot20 files From /boot [ only files which contain Parrot20 , like vmzlinuz-parrot20, init, comfig rtc]
update grub or grub update

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thx dude!:grin:

Amzker, could you explain what you did? Thank you.

Actually New kernel Parrot20
Having Hardware detection Issue need to do
acpi=off and other , i not say that Because it’s Hard for new user
So i just Say him for Boot From Old Stable Kernel


I understand now, thank you.