E: Package 'gvm' has no installation candidate


I can’t install gvm on my laptop. apt-get install gvm returns an error: E: Package ‘gvm’ has no installation candidate

In synaptic I can’t find relevant packages.

How can I install a greenbone security assistant?

Parrot Security OS 5.0 (LTS)

Kernel 5.15.0-15parrot1-amd64

I tried to find a solution before, but there is no solution relevant to my question available.

Thank you in advance for any kind of help

I think Parrot 5.0 is currently lacking Greenbone Vulnerability Management/OpenVAS. (I just installed Parrot Security 4.11.3 and am having apt issues upgrading to 5.0 via sudo apt install parrot-core.)

But when I was testing the Parrot 5.0 beta builds, OpenVAS (gvm) was not available on the servers.

I think I was able to add the Kali repository to sources.list (and the Kali gpg key) to install gvm, then commented out the repo.

Obligatory screenshot:

Nevermind. I upgraded 4.11.3 to “5.0” and GVM is installed. Maybe the mirror you are using doesn’t have it? I’m using the following in my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parrot.list

deb https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot parrot main contrib non-free

I have it updating the feeds now. It might be installed on my system due to it being on Parrot Security 4.1x, but not in the repos for 5.0?

gvm and some other packages failed to build. I’m telling Palinuro to pull some of them again.

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@dmknght @Masmer Thank you for reaching me out and for explanation.

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