Easytether tethering/setup or install help.

Okay so I’m kinda new but not really to the os. I dont have wifi at the moment and want to tether my phones data in its entirety to my system (ie. Not just through the browser with the proxy setup, but instead a setup that allows the whole system access to my data either from USB or wireless connection using either easytether or pdanet. I have already tethered with pdanet but tethering is only extended to my browser, therefore I cannot use the terminal for updates or to do any of what I need the system to do. If anyone could provide me with the commands to run for this purpose it would be much appreciated by me and many others im sure. Theres not much of anything that goes into detail with parrot on the matter.

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Use Android’s Builtin Hotspot
How to Use Your Android Phone as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

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