Enabling unattended updates in Parrot

Greetings! I’m running the latest Parrot Home in Virtualbox, and I want to configure Parrot to automatically install any and all new (stable) updates.

I ran “apt-get install unattended-upgrades apt-listchanges” and I’m wondering if this is all that is required for the updates to install automatically?

I know that I sometimes get prompted to automatically install new updates, but I’d rather avoid that entirely if possible.

Im not sure how ‘unattended-upgrades’ works. But we always recommend you use the parrot-upgrade command to update your system.

Therefore what i would do, is add parrot-upgrade into crontab. Then you could have it run every week, or as often as you like.
I have never done this, so not sure how well it would work. Personally i like to see the output, just in case it runs into an error/problem.

You could always put mate-terminal -e parrot-upgrade into cron. Then it would bring up the terminal for you to interact with, if necessary.


I decided to try simply adding parrot-upgrade and this is the result!

I’d say it worked really well!