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I can not digitally sign and encrypt emails sent with thunderbird. I installed the certificate in thunderbird and everything seems ok when creating the email (the icons for signature and encryption are displayed in Thunderbird on the bottom right). After I send the mail, if I go on Sent items the icons are not displayed anymore (this could mean that the mail was sent unencrypted), and the receiver received the message with no signature and no encryption.
I don’t know where to start to troubleshoot this issue. On another machine with Windows and Outlook everything works fine.

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Debian standard

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I haven’t used thunderbird.
But that radio button Never (do not use encryption), is that not the problem?.

No it’s not, because when I send the mail I am able to select if I want to encrypt the message or not from the security tab. I tested also on CentOS 7 and I have the same problem…
The only difference between Outlook and Thunderbird regarding the configuration is that Thunderbird is using EWS (Exchange WebServices) to connect to the exchange server. Could this be an issue?
I think Outlook is using another method. I don’t know Microsoft technologies very well. The Windows computer is in a domain and the Outlook was auto configured.

I think I found the problem. It is related to Exquilla addon, used for connection to EWS. On their site they say that * S/MIME messages can be read but not sent

I am getting the same issue with my email actually I cannot sign in and encrypt sending emails with thunderbird. After I send the mail from outlook account I cannot see the icons anymore on sent items. Please help. I couldn’t resolve Oversized PST Files issue in Outlook by own then I resolved this issue from Outlook Support Number .

firejail fixed it upstream, we are adjusting the latest details to release the update in parrot stable, stay tuned

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Is your email server a Microsoft Exchange?

If its an Exchange it will not work with Thunderbird. Exquilla plugin, used to connect to Exchange WebServices doesn’t support sending S/MIME messages.
If you want to sign and encrypt messages using S/MIME install Evolution mail client.