Error messages everywhere

So, I feel like I’m missing something. Every tool I attempt to use comes with a host of error messages. I’m fully updated and upgraded, both OS and packages. But every time I try to use a tool, I get a list of error messages. I’m literally spending all of my time trying to fix program errors so I can run something, and haven’t been able to do anything else whatsoever. Is there a way to automate this process I don’t know about? Everywhere I turn, it’s “Directory nonexistent” or “File not found” or “unable to locate such-and-such”. I need some general advice, the Zen of Linux, or something. How do I begin to make actual progress? This seems like an insurmountable task, if I have to fix every tool or package I want to use before I can use it. Thanks for your time.

What type of error?

Have any examples?

Usually file or directory not found/does not exist. I’ll be sure to post the next one I get.

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That would be helpful. Haven’t seen anyone else describe a problem like this systemwide.

If they are that widespread check your $PATH with echo $PATH You may have an issue here and it would explain the breaking of a significant amount of tools as well as the file not found problems.