Error: No root device specified

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I installed ParrotOS Security, but when booting from my boot manager, rEFInd (grub doesnt install into the first EFI partition, when I install it), it drops me into a initramfs prompt

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Debian Standard

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Yes - Windows 10

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begin: running /scripts/init-premount … done
begin: mounting root file system … begin: running /scripts/local-top … done
begin: running /scripts/local-premount … scanning for btrfs filesystems
[5.362767] BTRFS: device label parrot-style devid 1 transid 145 /dev/nvme0n1p9
No root device specified. Boot arguments must include a root= parameter

Then I get dropped into initramfs

Sounds like you need a root=parameter somewhere in the boot configuration arguments or config file
How did you install rEFInd? Did you bother to check its documentation?

I originally installed rEFInd through Windows, using the documentation on their website. I used it as it auto detected most OS’s. Will take another look when I can (UTC +11 here)

Also, grub doesn’t install to the first partition, even if it says successful, would it be writing to the /boot partition automatically generated by Parrot (I select free space and select to automatically partition the space)?

I have the same error when booting into parrot os. What is the fix?


Hi. Can you get to the grub and show us your boot paramaters? (Select Parrot in grub and press E and take a photo).

My grub doesnt work it just boots right into parrot os. I dont know to get or fix the grub loader. Even in bios it doesnt show any of the other operating systems just windows. I am using a bootloader live usb inorder to boot into parrot or kali linux

Your problem looks a bit different than this one. Can you create another topic for it? Thanks.

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