Error: unknown filesystem Grub rescue. Very important files.

Hi guys, I have a problem with booting my Linux I have no idea what happened.
I have dual boot win10+parrot os. I used parrot then want to log-in into windows for a while, then I reset my pc setup UEFI in bios. After 30 mins of using win10, I want to again use parrot then I changed bios to legacy mode, and I saw this when I try to boot my parrot os.
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I found a “solution” from google which did not work for me.

All the partition are “file system is unknown”

Then I download boot-repair-disk & flashed iso with Rufus and booted it.
I click the recommended boot-repair option.
Then I get the message that my boot is fixed, but it does not fix my boot, now after reboot, I got this message.
Here is a boot repair report:

Please help me somehow I have there very important files.
My parrot OS is encrypted. How I can restore parrot now or files from there? I should worry now or not?:frowning:

I would be very grateful for your help

Thank you

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You cannot change BIOS UEFI/Legacy back and forth after installation. The installer detects your BIOS settings and installs/partitions accordingly.

UEFI and Legacy setup require entirely different partition/boot setup. Legacy does not use EFI boot and UEFI requires it.

By changing bios back and forth after installing you have caused it to fail to boot.

Try changing bios back to original setting you had when you installed it.

If all else fails, to get important files boot on live usb/disk, and then mount the encrypted partition in question. It then asks for password. Then simply copy the files onto a micro sdcard or your storage of choice :wink:


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